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Chamomile Steam Eye Mask

Product Name: Chamomile Steam Eye Mask
Feature:Add chamomile essential oil,40℃ constant temperature,comfortable skin friendly,easy to use
Function:Anti-Puffiness,Dark Circle,Soothe the nerves
Who should use:
The best mild essential oil suits for teenagers very mych
People who work hard and sleep late
Smell : chamomile or customize
Shelf Life:3 years
Addition: We can provide OEM&ODM service according to your details requirement


eye mask 1.100% Natural Essence Oil decompose pigment,accelerate the balance of nutrients and moisture
 eye mask sleep2.40 ℃ Constant Temperature the heating time lasts about 30 mintes,activate blood circulation around the eyes,activate eye skin resilience and make eyes compact and full spirit
  warm eye mask     3.Imported Long-staple Cotton comfortable skin-friendly
  eye mask    4.Medical Grade Fabric Craft medical-grade fabris,take great cre of your eyes