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How do you protect your cervical spine?

porous capsicum patch can be said to be a high incidence of cervical spondylosis, you know why white-collar workers suffering from cervical spondylosis? What remedies can help alleviate cervical spondylosis?

Why white-collar workers are susceptible to suffering from cervical spondylosis, facing the computer for a long time buried root, pepper paste said that in the normal population, the incidence of cervical spondylosis was 3.85% ~ 17.6%, and yellow than whites, blacks are more likely to suffer from the disease. With congenitally deficient, inappropriate work, way of life, so that more and more young early in white-collar cervical vertebra disease problems.

The cervical spine like the body, like other organs, with the increasing aging period of service; and the occurrence and development of cervical spondylosis, often there is a long process, easily overlooked. porous capsicum patch that now young white-collar work in front of the computer work, after work and busy playing online games, chat to "relax" such a long time to force the body to maintain the same posture for cervical spondylosis, young planted the seeds.

Long engaged in bow desk, long-term bad posture to operate a computer, engaged in secretarial, accounting, lawyers, doctors, teachers, writers, scientists, graphic design, driver typist, and other staff.

Sleeping posture, the pillow is too high, too low, even without a pillow is wrong. Life is about 1/4~1/3 of the time spent in bed, if poor posture can cause cervical paravertebral muscles, ligaments, joints and other disorders, and lying down reading a book, watching TV, this is not a good habit.

Now some social workers and some white-collar workers have been cervical disease, long-term and the face of the computer, making their cervical vertebra, lumbar is under a heavy burden, resulting in days and months multiplying the incidence of cervical disease, therefore, workers should pay attention to learn to protect their cervical vertebrae, learn how to prevent the cervical vertebra disease.
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