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If you have these symptoms you can use medical pain patch

Medical pain patch can alleviate the following symptoms to bring you the pain, when you get in the lift and lift the body when the wrist weakness, occasionally missed the situation occurred. Sometimes the thumb will appear weakness, activity clumsy and other symptoms, thumb abduction strength weakened, large fish muscle atrophy. With the needle to stabbed these fingers, found that the skin feels weakened or disappeared; when waving the hands, the fingers numb can be lifted. There is also a situation is the wrist of the flexion and rotation activities are limited, and sometimes there may be a sound. Over time, the muscles around the wrist, ligaments, tendons and other organizations will occur adhesion, to further narrow the scope of the activities of the wrist. The power of the wrist will decline, the patient can not lift and carry heavy objects.

Wrist tenosynovitis there is an important sign, that is, there will be morning stiff state. Usually the feeling of joint morning stiffness is most obvious after getting up, and the symptoms will not be significantly alleviated with the activities of frequent, but will intensify.

medical pain patch processing to remind you: tenosynovitis daily care and exercise methods:
Wash your hands with warm water to develop the habit of washing hands with warm water, should not use cold water, timely activities, and self-massage. Got the disease, expensive in the early treatment, so as not to delay into chronic. Rotate the wrist When the tingling starts, you can do some gentle hand movement to relieve pain. Rotating wrist is one of the simple movements. Turn the wrist for about 2 minutes. You can exercise all the wrist muscles, restore blood circulation, and eliminate the wrist bending posture, the curved hand posture often cause symptoms such as wrist pain.
Raise the arm and raise the hand over the head while rotating the arm while rotating the wrist. So help your shoulders, neck, back up to adjust the position and relieve stress and tension.

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