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How to solve neck pain----hot capsicum plaster

Cervical spondylosis is a common disease in our life, especially in many office workers and drivers is a high incidence of early in the illness will lead to our neck is stiff, if not timely treatment will lead to the development of severe dizziness, sometimes there may be faint phenomenon at any time so, the health effects are very large, hot capsicum plasters must grasp some methods together to understand the following about what are the powerful first aid method of cervical pain.

The neck relaxed: feet shoulder width apart stand, hand akimbo, head Yang later make the neck muscles relax, the other hand four fingers on the neck, from the bottom up and down from the massage muscles. Alternating, repeated 10 times.

Circling the neck: position again. First bow, the head from left to right slowly rotating for 2 weeks, and then from right to left rotation for 2 weeks. Repeat 5 - 10 times. Note: the rise of inspiration, bow and expiration.

Breathing: feet shoulder width apart standing akimbo, eye head, neck and shoulder muscles relax, breathe naturally and gradually deep, adhere to the 2 to 3 minutes.

Backward flexion posture: ibid. First the head slowly exhale down, try to contact the mandibular chest; then inhale, slowly raised his head; then exhale slowly, head back, eyes above; finally inhale to restore normal head position, straight ahead. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

Move the position with the former first. Exhale slowly turn the head to the left turn, left behind the eye; then inhale, return to normal head; then exhale slowly head to rotate to the right eye, right behind; finally return to normal breathing when head. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

The method above is for emergency severe cervical pain what are introduced, through the understanding we know after suffering from cervical spondylosis treatment is general and the process will take some time, the best way is through the traction or physiotherapy treatment, also in daily life, but also to ensure the standard posture, so to vertebral disease recovery is of great help in cervical spondylosis during treatment must adhere to not anxious.
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