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Direct Factory capsicum plaster is made in kangdi

Henan Kangdi OEM chili plaster has 26 years manufacturing experience, survival with quality development with reputation,within these 26 years, extensive industry experience, strong corporate strength win the consumers more and more applause. Success cooperation manufacturer with more than 10,000 profit partners, production according to national GMP standard strictly enforced, by the international ISO14001 environment system certification. Stringent standards, excellent products,Henan Kangdi OEM chili plaster Merchants agents sought to win the holy grail.
26 years of extensive production and advanced science and technology, exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America over 30 countries and regions. "East meets West, inclusive," the professional attitude, in the case of a plurality of large and small pharmacies, clinics, physiotherapy shops have become the darling of health. It is precisely because so many consumers trust, hot capsicum patch select Kangdi lets more and more people to accept, more and more people recommend.
International top production equipment and a number of advanced production lines, to obtain comprehensive application technology.The material of our kangdi hot capsicum patch is natural health, from the source to protect OEM chili plaster security. Now production line, from equipment, crushing to the extraction, concentration step is fully enclosed pipeline production lines, and then a comprehensive guarantee product quality. Patents, lasting effect, the effect is significant, good reputation. We choose the henan is to choose health, we choose the henan kangdi medical , it is to choose the assured.
hot capsicum patch
What is good quality? International top production equipment and a number of advanced production lines, we obtain the comprehensive application technology. Traditional and modern OEM chili plaster perfect combination of culture and innovation, with independent intellectual property rights developed a variety of new forms. Improve the management system, it has become the industry's leading companies. Diversification of product types, covering all consumer sectors, so that opportunities no dead ends, patents, lasting effect, the effect is significant, naturally good reputation.
The OEM chili plaster investment of the henan kangdi medical , so that each customer feel is a team in the service of his quality as a person. We cooperate like friends, like family service. The service to achieve fine, the product to achieve wonderful. The service of the Henan kangdi medical, only you think, no company can not consider. we have a Gold service team, one-stop service in the end, nuances, highlighting the strength of the company. why we choose the henan kangdi medical , is to choose wealth, choose henan kangdi medical , it is to choose the assured.
For rheumatic diseases:
To keep a balanced diet. Most patients with rheumatoid arthritis have anemia, but also to strengthen nutrition. Intake of calcium, protein, fiber, higher levels of vitamin D in the diet. Eating foods high in calcium is better than calcium supplement, because the body's absorption of calcium tablets is not very good. In addition, people with blood high pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, especially high uric acid (gout) patients to seek medical advice when serving these drugs.
In addition, appropriately increased activity at ordinary times. However, severe joint pain, swelling, and accompanied by systemic symptoms should rest in bed, and pay attention to posture, to avoid pressure on the joints and maintain joint function, prevent deformity. Under conditions permitting, can do in bed, hip, knee and ankle flexion and extension, increasing dressing, eating, bathing and other life skills training to prevent muscle atrophy, joint deformity. In remission, conduct more exercise, recuperate, at the same time,while rheumatoid arthritis patients to a balanced diet, appropriate to eat high-protein, high in vitamins, calcium, high iron diet, eat fresh fish, beans, tofu and olive oil, etc. , improve their nutritional status, increased disease resistance. Jichi acrid, hot, dry foods, such as ginger, pepper, onions, lamb, dog and so on.
Kangdi OEM hot capsicum plaster ,your first choice in any situation.
hot capsicum patch