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Global 75%-85% workplace pain

The workplace is widespread pain in neck and shoulder parts, this is the relationship between workplace and life and work habits, in the long time work in chronic muscle injury will lead to joint involvement, resulting in pain symptoms, early muscle soreness with capsicum pain plaster remission, we should pay attention to the pain can be cured, if you no attention the pain, you will have joint damage, it is difficult to the drugs used in the treatment of pain.

The pain has been modern medicine as the following breathing, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature after the fifth vital signs. Some chronic pain itself is a kind of disease, such as trigeminal neuralgia, postherpetic neuralgia. Chronic pain not only affect the patient's physical, psychological and social function, but also affect the family and even the whole society. Reporters learned at the meeting, the current epidemiological studies show that the worldwide NSLP has become the highest incidence of occupation disease, about 75%-85% people happen neck - waist in its lifetime. The national statistics show that low back pain occurred in 1 years 5%-20% is the most common cause of disability in people under 45 years of age, and European countries show that the incidence of low back pain is 25%-45%.

Epidemiological study on neck and shoulder pain in our country is still not perfect, the lack of investigation of the bulk of cases, but the incidence of reported pain in female nurses in the hospital was 50%, factory workers for 70%. in addition, senile spinal implement change is also lead to increased incidence of neck and back pain. The cause of joint can reduce the pain of injury
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